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4104 Commentator's Ribbon Microphone - $859.00

4071B Mic to stand adaptor with XLR - $125.00

4104 Case - Rigid plastic carrying case for 4104 - $48.00

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In 1984, to support the emerging digital market, Wes Dooley became the first dealer to import and service Coles ribbon microphones. AEA maintains longstanding relationship with Coles and has developed proprietary accessories for Coles mics which we offer along with their classic products to our customers. The studio 4038 and ENG 4104B 'lip-mic', designed by the BBC in the '50s, still are widely used today. AEA stocks spare parts and accessories for Coles, such as ribbons, connectors, various types of stand adaptors, speciality shock and stereo mounts and protective screens. Learn about our repair services for Coles microphones here.