Coles Electroacoustics

Ribbon Microphones

The studio 4038 and ENG 4104B 'lip-mic', designed by the BBC in the '50s. AEA has a longstanding relationship with Coles and has developed proprietary accessories for Coles mics which we offer along with their classic products to our customers. 



Condenser Microphones

The variety and consistency of Schoeps' capsules, solid state and tube pre-amps; accessories and miniature microphones are unparalleled. Their designer, Joerg Wuttke, understood the importance of extended bandwidth decades ago and started delivering 40,000 Hz response but never mentions it unless you ask.



Condenser Microphones

David Josephson is presently the most knowledgeable designer of condenser microphones in the world. The entire line of Josephson microphones is unique and has a well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability.